(Standard 2AT Tanker KENJO MARU by Ueda Kihachiro)

Tabular Record of Movement

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E 1943:
Tamano. Laid down at the Mitsubishi Jukogyo K.K., shipyard as a 6,892-ton Type 2A Standard Cargo Ship for Osaka Shosen K.K. (OSK), Osaka.

Converted to a Standard 2AT Tanker while on the ways.

Launched and named DAIGYO MARU

12 November 1944:

27 December 1944:
DAIGYO MARU departs Takao for Singapore in convoy HI-85 also consisting of TEIHOKU (ex-French PERSEE), DAINAN, ENKEI, ENGEN, ENCHO, YAMAZAWA, OESAN, FUEI, OEI, SHINGI, SERIA MARUs and cargo ship SHINYU MARU escorted by light cruiser KASHII and kaibokan DAITO, UKURU, TSUSHIMA, CD-23, CD-51 and CD-27.

28 December 1944:
TSUSHIMA and TEIHOKU are detached from the convoy and make for Yulin, Hainan Island. At some point, OTSUSAN MARU is probably detached and heads directly for Singapore.

29 December 1944:
South China Sea. At 1725, minesweeper W-101 joins HI-85ís escort.

30-31 December 1944:
On both days, sporadic attacks by B-24s are beaten off without loss.

1 January 1945:
At 1720, convoy arrives Qui Nhon Bay.

2 January 1945:
Departs Qui Nhon Bay. That evening, the convoy anchors at Nha Trang Bay, Indochina.

3 January 1945:
At 0730, the convoy departs Nha Trang. While proceeding south, near the east entrance of Hainan Straits, the convoy is attacked by one PB4Y (B-24). One bomb hits TEIHOKU MARU. She and escort TSUSHIMA are detached to Yulin for repairs.

4 January 1945:
At 1030, convoy HI-85 arrives at Cape St. Jacques where it is ordered dissolved.

4 February 1945:
DAIGYO MARU departs Singapore for Moji in convoy HI-88-D also consisting of ENGEN, and HARUYASU MARUs (ex Dutch VAN DER HAGEN) escorted by kaibokan CD-13, CD-31 and YAKU.

DAIGYO MARU is carrying a cargo of 9,300-tons of heavy oil, tin and crude rubber.

5 February 1945:
A surfaced enemy submarine is sighted at 04-55N, 103-40E. At 0830, the convoy changes course.

6 February 1945:
South China Sea. At 0230, kaibokan YAKU's lookouts sight a surfaced submarine and the convoy successfully evades. At 2157, Cdr (later Rear Admiral) Frank W. Fenno's (USNA í25) USS PAMPANITO (SS-383) fires six torpedoes at ENGEN MARU. She explodes in a huge ball of fiery gasoline at 06-31N, 106-12E. 29 crewmen, nine guards and six passengers are KIA.

DAIGYO MARU drops a few depth charges while YAKU searches unsuccessfully for the submarine. CD-31 rescues survivors and returns to Singapore.

7 February 1945:
At 0300, YAKU detects PAMPANITO off the port side. The convoy turns away. At 0454, a second submarine, LtCdr Ralph H. Lockwood's USS GUAVINA (USS-362) fires six torpedoes at the convoy. Three hit DAIGYO MARU that sinks in five minutes at 06-58N, 106-08E. Five crewmen are KIA.

GUAVINA surfaces and her crew takes pictures of the oil-clad survivors, many of whom fake death. At about 0800, YAKU finds and rescues the survivors of DAIGYO MARU.

Authorís Note:
Also known as TAIGYO MARU.

-Bob Hackett

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