Standard Merchant Tanker 2AT Class

(2AT DAIMEI MARU underway)

In 1944, the Japanese decided to convert a number of their Standard Merchant Tanker 2A cargo ships on the ways to tankers by installing large storage tanks in their cargo holds. These tanks were could be removed to revert the ships to dry cargo. The 2ATs were meant to remedy some of tanker losses the Japanese suffered to American submarines. At least 31 2As were converted to 2ATs during the war.

Builders and
Years Completed:
Harima, Ishikawajima, Mitsui SB and others
Gross Tonnage: 6600 gross register tons. (nominal)
Dimensions: 448'8" x 59'8" x 36'5""
Propulsion: Turbine, 3 boilers, 1-shaft, 3500 shp, maximum speed 13 knots
Oil Cargo Capacity: 60,000 barrels @42 gals/barrel or approx. 8, 185-tons of crude oil @7.33 barrels per metric ton.
Armament: None