Ko-Hyoteki Type A Midget

  (from Nimitz Museum)

The Ko-Hyoteki (Target A) Ko Gata (Type A ) class midget was equipped with an electric motor driven by 384 two-volt batteries. The Type A class could reach 19 knots submerged. They carried two bow 17.7-inch torpedoes. About 60 boats were completed before the end of the war and were used in attacks on Allied warships and shipping at Pearl Harbor, Sydney, Diego Suarez and Guadalcanal.

Units 60
Years Completed 1934-1942
Displacement 46 tons submerged
Dimensions 78.5 ft x 10.2 ft x 6 ft (dia.)
Machinery 1 electric motor: 600 hp; two counter-rotating screws on a single shaft,

Speed 23 knots / 19 knots
Range 80 nm @ 6 knots/100 nm @ 2 knots
Armament 2x 17.7-inch (450mm) TT fwd + (2 torpedoes).
Max. Depth 30 m (100 feet)
Crew 2