Submarine Operations Research Group Attack Data

USS Thornback (SS-418)

Patrol Number Date Hour (00-23) Operational Command Latitude Longitude Approach Light Condition Approach Image Method Approach Surfaced or Submerged Attack Light Condition Attack Image Method Attack Surfaced or Submerged Weapon Used Number of Torpedoes Fired Number of Torpedo Hits Claimed Target Type Result Estimated Target Tonnage
1945-07-26  04  Pearl Harbor  3943N  14203E  Night  Periscope  Submerged  Night  Sound  Submerged  Acoustic Seeking Torpedo  PAT  Sunk  100 
1945-07-28  07  Pearl Harbor  3910N  14156E  Daylight  Periscope  Submerged  Daylight  Sound  Submerged  Acoustic Seeking Torpedo  SMC  No Damage  100 
1945-07-29  14  Pearl Harbor  3848N  14141E  Daylight  Radar  Submerged  Daylight  Radar  Submerged    AK  No Damage  3000 
1945-07-31  15  Pearl Harbor  3853N  14135E  Daylight  Radar  Surfaced  Daylight  Radar  Surfaced    PAT  Not Final Attack on Target  100 
1945-07-31  15  Pearl Harbor  3853N  14135E  Daylight  Visual  Surfaced  Daylight  Visual  Surfaced  Deck Gun  PAT  Damaged  100 


A complete analysis of the SORG attack data and attacks not in SORG is currently available in the book United States and Allied Submarine Successes in the Pacific and Far East During World War II, 4th ed.

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