IJN Shoho: Tabular Record of Movement

© 1999 Anthony P. Tully

Initial Command Structure:
1 October 1941:
Under conversion, Captain Izawa Ishinosuke assigned as fitting-out officer.

30 November 1941:
Commissioned at Yokosuka. Captain Izawa Ishinosuke assigned as commanding officer. Listed as Special Duty Ship.

22 December 1941:
At Yokosuka, Assigned to 1st Air Fleet, CarDiv 4.

4 February 1942:
Depart Yokosuka for Truk.

10 February 1942:
Arrive at Truk.

13 February 1942:
Depart Truk.

26 February 1942:
Arrive at Truk.

7 March 1942:
Depart Truk.

10 March 1942:
Returns to Truk.

6 April 1942:
Depart Truk.

11 April 1942:
Arrive at Yokosuka.

18 April 1942:
Depart Yokosuka for training.

22 April 1942:
Return to Yokosuka.

24 April 1942:
Depart Yokosuka.

29 April 1942:
Arrive at Truk to join Coral Sea operation with only destroyer SAZANAMI as escort.

30 April 1942:
Depart Truk for "MO" Operation, the invasion of Port Moresby, sailing with Crudiv 6 (RAdm Goto) cruisers AOBA, KINUGASA, FURATAKA, and KAKO, and destroyer SAZANAMI.

3 May 1942:
Launch aircraft to cover the landings at Tulagi. Mission successful.

7 May 1942:
Battle of the Coral Sea
Sunk: At 0855, while attempting to cover the Tulagi and Port Moresby invasion forces, attacked by carrier torpedo and dive-bombers from USS LEXINGTON and USS YORKTOWN. The light carrier is overwhelmed, and struck by a reported total of seven torpedoes and thirteen bombs in the space of twenty-three minutes. At 0935 still listing only moderately to starboard she plunges bow first on a nearly even keel, taking down with her 631 officers, petty officers and men. Captain Izawa Ishinosuke is washed off the bridge and among the fortunate 131 officers and men and seventy-two wounded rescued by the SAZANAMI.

20 May 1942:
Removed from Navy List.

First Japanese aircraft carrier sunk in the Pacific War.

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