Tameichi Hara

Jonathan Parshall:

Captain of destroyer Amatsukaze at the beginning of the war, and squadron commander aboardShigure during much of the fighting in the Solomons. He survived several very close scrapes in the Solomons, including being the lone destroyer to survive the fiasco off of Vella LaVella on August 6, 1943, where three of four Japanese ships involved (Hagikaze, Arashi, and Kawakaze) were all ambushed and sunk within the space of a few minutes in the Battle of Kula Gulf. By the end of the war he had become skipper of Yahagi, which accompanied (and was sunk along with) Yamato on her final sortie, although Hara again survived. Hara exemplified the best in Japanese surface commanders; highly skilled (particularly in torpedo warfare and night fighting), hard driving, and aggressive. He was also bitterly critical of the Japanese Navy's handling of the war.

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