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Some Announcements

New Year's Day, 2002

With New Year's Eve posting of battleship "Ise" Jon and I am happy to announce that Bob Hackett has now completed the battleship TROM histories. I think all will agree with us that it has proven to be splendid work, and heartily congratulate Bob, Sander Kingsepp, and all the contributors named in the credits that helped make the "Senkan" troms such success! Given this, it is a pleasure to further announce that Bob Hackett has prepared and this month will commence posting similar such TROM for submarines of the Imperial Japanese Navy! I have seen samples of these already, and rest assured, you won't be disappointed. Target date is the week of 16 January.

Forthcoming in the spring will be the completion of the aircraft carrier TROMs. Further, in response to request, there will be revising with extra detail some of the already existing carrier TROMS as well. (Also forthcoming will be TROMS on cruisers, but the launch date of this remains uncertain, as their author reports will be delayed due to the tragic circumstances of the September 11 attacks. )

Once again, we thank and are obliged to everyone for their patronage of Combined Fleet.com. I also wish to thank all those who have made my discussion board civil, informative, and a success. ;-)

Sincere Thanks to All, and Happy New Year!

Tony Tully

1 January 2002

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