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Japanese Destroyers: Miscellaneous Supplemental Details

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Destroyer: ASASHIO - (Return to trom)
Bismarck Sea.

Destroyer: KUWA - (Return to trom)
TA-VII-Third Echelon. From John Whitman, Dec 28, 2013 have received this: "Re Kuwa, the 1st Guerrilla Warfare Company landed from Convoy TA-7. This unit consisted of about 192 Taiwanese tribesmen with Japanese leaders trained in demolitions and subversive tactics. So did most of the 76th Field Antiaircraft Battalion and most of the lightly-equipped 65th Independent Engineer Battalion. Also coming ashore was 1st Company, 57th Field Road Construction Unit in hopes of coping with the terrible road issues on Leyte. Ammunition, medical supplies, and about half a month’s supply of food arrived with these ships. The supplies were earmarked for the 1st Division, and the division desperately needed that food. Fate, however, decided that the division would never see those supplies."

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