Koshu Maru Class Transport

(KOSHU MARU, prewar)

DAIUN MARU was completed in 1911 as Kawasaki 's first full-scale cargo ship. In 1913, she was sold to Osaka Merchant Ship Co. and renamed
KOSHU MARU. On 24 March 1945, KOSHU MARU was bombed and sunk by American carrier aircraft of Task Group 58.1.

Builder and
Year Completed:
Kawasaki Shipyard, Kobe.
Gross tonnage: 2,812-tons.
Dimensions: 295'4"' (bp) x 43'2" x 22'7
Propulsion: 1 x 3-cylinder reciproating steam triple expansion engine, 1 screw, 149 NHP
Speed: 7 knots cruising
Armament: Unknown