(KOSHU MARU prewar)

Tabular Record of Movement

2017 Bob Hackett

E 1936:
Inchon, Korea. Laid down at Korea Yusen Corp. (Uraga Dock, K. K.) as Yard No. 421 , a 2,612-ton cargo ship.

25 August 1937:
Launched and named TEISHU MARU.

30 November 1937:

Sold to Chosen Yusen -Tyosen Yusen K. K. Renamed KOSHU MARU.

20 October 1943:
Requisitioned by the Imperial Army (IJA). Converted to a transport. Alloted IJA No. 1129.

29 July 1944:
Batavia, Java (Jakarta, Indonesia). KOSHU MARU embarks 1,513 Javanese laborers to repair the Japanese airfield at Makassar. The ship also loads 540 other passengers and air base supplies. KOSHU MARU departs Batavia in a convoy also consisting of SHINAI MARU escorted by auxiliary minesweeper KEINAN MARU and netlayer HAYABUSA MARU.

2 August 1944:
The convoy arrives at Kotabaru, Laut Island, Borneo. HAYABUSA MARU is detached.

3 August 1944:
The convoy departs Kotabaru with torpedo boat KISASAGI and KEINAN MARU as escorts.

4 August 1944:
Celebes Sea. At 0330, at the southern entrance to the Makasar Strait, LtCdr (later Rear Admiral-Ret) William T. Kinsella's (USNA '34) USS RAY's (SS-271) radar picks up a two ship convoy. At about 0425, RAY fires four torpedoes and gets three hits - one in the engine room starboard and two in the forward part of No. 3 hold. The escorts conducts a unsuccessful counterattack. RAY e10:55 AM 6/23/2017vades and escapes. KOSHU MARU sinks in two minutes at 04-05S, 117-40E. 273 passengers, 1,239 laborers, 273 passengers and 28 gunners and crewmen are KIA.

Author's Note:
Thanks go to Erich Muehlthaler of Germany.

Bob Hackett

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