Konan Maru Class Auxiliary Transport

KONAN MARU, prewar)

2016 Bob Hackett

KONAN MARU was completed in 1915 by Osaka Iron Works Sakurashima factory as a 2,664-ton passenger-cargo ship. Her sister was KOHOKU MARU. Both were sunk by American submarines in the Pacific War. KONAN MARU sunk W of Kyushu in Dec '43, while KOHOKU MARU was sunk in Oct '44 in the S China Sea.

Builder and
Years Completed:
Osaka Iron Works
Gross tonnage: 2,510-2,664- tons.
Dimensions: 284' (LPP) x 42.5' x 23'
Propulsion: 2 triple expansion steam engines 1,900 IHP
Speed: 8.3/12.3 knots
Armament: Unknown