WWII Imperial Japanese Navy Aircraft
© 1997 Joao Paulo Julião Matsuura
IJN Transport Aircraft

Designation Manufacturer Official Name Description
L1N1 Nakajima Navy Type 97 Transport
L2D1 Douglas Navy Type D Transport (Douglas DC-3)
L2D2/L2D5 Douglas Navy Type 0 Transport
L3Y1/L3Y2 Yokosuka Navy Type 96 Transport
L4M1 Mitsubishi Navy Type 0 Transport
L5? Unidentified transport No details available
L6? Unidentified transport No details available
L7P1 Nihon Navy Experimental 13-Shi Small Amphibious Transport Single-engined monoplane; not proceeded with
LXC1 Curtiss Wright Navy Experimental Type C Amphibious Transport (Curtiss Courtney) One aircraft tested
LXD1 Douglas Navy Experimental Type D Transport (Douglas DC-4E)
LXF1 Fairchild Navy Experimental Type F Amphibious Transport (Fairchild A942) One aircraft tested;
LXHe1 Heinkel Navy Experimental Type He Transport (Heinkel He 70) One aircraft tested
LXK1 Kinner Navy Experimental Type K Transport (Kinner Envoy) One aircraft tested

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