WWII Imperial Japanese Navy Aircraft
© 1997 Joao Paulo Julião Matsuura
IJN Flying Boat Aircraft

Designation Manufacturer Official Name Description
H1H1/H1H3 Hiro Navy Type 15 Flying-Boat Twin-engined biplane; obsolete in 1941
H2H1 Hiro Navy Type 89 Flying-Boat Twin-engined biplane; obsolete in 1941
H3H1 Hiro Navy Type 90-1 Flying-Boat Three-engined monoplane; obsolete in 1941
H3K1/H3K2 Kawanishi Navy Type 90-2 Flying-Boat Three-engined biplane; obsolete in 1941
H4H1/H4H2 Hiro Navy Type 91 Flying-Boat Twin-engined monoplane; obsolete in 1941
H5Y1/H5Y2 Yokosuka Navy Type 99 Flying-Boat
H6K1/H6K5 Kawanishi Navy Type 97 Flying-Boat
H6K2-L/H6K4-L Kawanishi Navy Type 97 Transport Flying-Boat
H7Y1 Yokosuka Navy Experimental 12-Shi Special Flying-Boat Project only
H8K1/H8K4 Kawanishi Navy Type 2 Flying-Boat
H8K2-L Kawanishi Navy Transport Flying-Boat Seiku
H9A1 Aichi Navy Type 2 Training Flying-Boat
H10H1 Hiro Navy Experimental 14-Shi Medium Flying-Boat Project only
H11K1-L Kawanishi Navy Experimental Large-size Transport Flying-Boat Soku Projected four-engined transport flying-boat with clamshell loading doors in the nose
HXC1 Consolidated Navy Experimental Type C Flying-Boat (Consolidated P2Y-1) One aircraft tested
HXD1 Douglas Navy Experimental Type D Flying-Boat (Douglas DF) Two aircraft tested;

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