WWII Imperial Japanese Navy Aircraft
© 1997 Joao Paulo Julião Matsuura
IJN Reconnaissance Aircraft

Designation Manufacturer Official Name Description
C1M1/C1M2 Mitsubishi Navy Type 10 Carrier Reconnaissance Plane Single-engined biplane; obsolete in 1941
C2N1/C2N2 Nakajima Navy Fokker Reconnaissance Plane Japanese-built Fokker Super Universal; obsolete in 1941
C3N1 Nakajima Navy Type 97 Carrier Reconnaissance Plane Single-engined monoplane; not proceeded with
C4A1 Aichi Navy Experimental 13-Shi High-speed Reconnaissance Plane Project only
C5M1/C5M2 Mitsubishi Navy Type 98 Reconnaissance Plane
C6N1/C6N3 Nakajima Navy Carrier Reconnaissance Plane Saiun

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