WWII Imperial Japanese Navy Aircraft
© 1997 Joao Paulo Julião Matsuura
IJN Carrier Fighter Aircraft

Designation Manufacturer Official Name Description
A1N1/A1N2 Nakajima Navy Type 3 Carrier Fighter Single-engined biplane; obsolete in 1941
A2N1/A2N3 Nakajima Navy Type 90 Carrier Fighter Single-engined biplane; obsolete in 1941
A3N1 Nakajima Navy Type 90 Training Fighter Single-engined two-seat biplane; obsolete in 1941
A4N1 Nakajima Navy Type 95 Carrier Fighter Single-engined biplane; obsolete in 1941
A5M1/A5M4 Mitsubishi Navy Type 96 Carrier Fighter
A5M4-K Mitsubishi Navy Type 2 Training Fighter
A6M1/A6M8 Mitsubishi Navy Type 0 Carrier Fighter
A6M2-K/A6M5-K Mitsubishi Navy Training Fighter
A6M2-N Nakajima Navy Type 2 Fighter Seaplane
A7M1/A7M3 Mitsubishi Navy Experimental 17-Shi Ko (A) Type Carrier Fighter Reppu
A7M3-J Mitsubishi Navy Experimental 17-Shi Otsu (B) Type Interceptor Fighter Reppu Kai
A7He1 Heinkel Navy Type He Air Defence Fighter (Heinkel He 112B-0)
A8V1 Seversky Navy Type S Two-seat Fighter (Seversky 2PA-B3)
AXB1 Boeing Navy Experimental Type B Carrier Fighter (Boeing Model 100) One aircraft tested
AXG1 Canadian Car and Foundry Navy Experimental Type G Carrier Fighter (Grumman FF-1) One aircraft tested
AXH1 Hawker Navy Experimental Type H Carrier Fighter (Hawker Nimrod) One aircraft tested
AXHe1 Heinkel Navy Experimental Type He Interceptor Fighter (Heinkel He 100D-0) Three aircraft tested; projected production in Japan by Hitachi not realized
AXV1 Vought Navy Experimental Type V Interceptor Fighter (Vought V-143) One aircraft tested

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