DOWA MARU - Class Auxiliary Transport

(SS TUNG WO, [later DOWA MARU] about 1927)

DOWA MARU was completed as TUNG WO in 1914 for the Indo-China Steam Navigation Co., Ltd., London. Requisitioned in 1940 by the the Royal Navy as an armed boarding ship for examination service at Penang Harbor, Malaya. In 1942, TUNG WO was captured and repaired by the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) and towed to Singapore for further repairs. Renamed DOWA MARU, she remained in local service there to war's end.

Builder and Year Completed: Shanghai Dock and Engineering Co., Ltd
Gross tonnage: 1,337-tons.
Dimensions: 235' x 40.1' x 9.3'
Propulsion: Steam turbine, 1 shaft, 89 rhp.
Speed: Cruising: E 8 knots Max: E 10 knots.
Armament: Unknown