This site delivers military history to the Web... period. It in no way condones, nor is it intended to be a glorification of, any of the activities of the Imperial Japanese Navy or Army during the Pacific War. The Japanese committed unspeakable acts of aggression and oppression during World War II, and received the defeat they very richly deserved at the hands of the Allies. That being said, though, they had a fascinating, thoroughly professional, and formidable Navy. Studying that Navy is the overriding purpose of this site.

This site is also dedicated to promoting a greater understanding of what went on during the war, so that such conflicts do not occur again. As a result, I have little time or patience for words or activities that detract from the healing process that is still ongoing from the war. My many friends in the U.S. WWII veteran community all cheerfully understand that, and you should, too. If you still harbor ethnic hatreds as a result of the war, please take those feelings (and yourself) elsewhere immediately.

If you are thinking of sending me hate mail regarding the Japanese or their role in the war; think twice. I will vigorously pursue any and all legal means necessary to protect my site and my reputation.