Naval Operations Database Project

Wanted: Java Developer(s) for a cutting edge naval history project.

I'm looking for an alpha geek or two to help develop the coolest Web naval database that has ever been attempted. When completed, this little beauty will not only replace the several hundred pages of static HTML already extant on this site (thank God!), but it will also help users look up ships, read about pivotal battles, and understand the flow of the Pacific War in a way no book can convey.

If you are a Java programmer with OO or relational database skills, have a serious interest in military history, and have ego needs to fulfill in the area of Web application development, this project is for you! For more detailed information on the design and technology for this application, please read the attached design document.

Word97 version (Higher quality graphics, 740KB file)

Adobe .PDF version (Some degradation of graphic quality. 2.9 MB file.)

The savvy developer will have correctly de-coded the key pharase "ego needs to fulfill..." as "this guy has no money to spend." Well, that's not quite true, but pretty close. If I had the money to pay market rate, I would simply have developed this at my workplace. So, no, I can't pay an hourly. However, I can certainly offer some important incentives (for the right person) to work on the project:

I will put your name up in lights on my site.

I will get press for this application. My site has been a Yahoo site of the week, has been written up in the Wall Street Journal, and has been featured in the local press as well. This application is going to utterly eclipse what's out on the Web for military history so far. You want press clippings; I'll get 'em for ya.

I will genuflect in your direction on a daily basis.

I will pay for any pizza consumed during development hours. You send me the receipts, I send you a check. No joke.

So that's the deal. If you are the Java slinger for the job, please contact me (Jon Parshall) directly, at Please be sure to reference "Database Project" in the subject line; I get a lot of email.