Stories and Battle Histories of the IJN's Carrier Fleet

Author's Notice to Vistors

By Anthony Tully

25 October 1999

Since I began the Kido Butai page chronicling the operational histories and TROMS of IJN carriers in May 1998, it has proven a popular posting. (At least to judge by the volume of email requests and queries received!). Unfortunately, of late, my work schedule and other committments have interfered to a considerable and unfortunate degree. The result is that postings have been unavoidably slowed and sluggish. More importantly, my opportunities to arrange translations have been markedly curtailed for the same reason. This has delayed the postings of individual carrier TROMS while I await translations and information, particularly regarding commanding officer names and some activities. However, since in most cases, I do have the operational history available and virtually complete, I have resolved upon a compromise.

Rather than keep researchers waiting unnecessarily, it happens that the nature of the Internet allows an interim solution to meet the demand. In order to comply with requests and to better serve the naval research community as a whole, I will now commence posting aircraft carrier TROMS before I have all the desired (to me at least :-) ) details. Where information is being researched, I will place a ? to indicate pending, but unavailable facts as opposed to truly "unknown". Along with my companion section "Untold Sagas" it is my intention to post revisions and update notices for both pages regularly from now on. In this way, visitors can be informed if and when I have added officer or any other information to a particular TROM or article. It is my hope that little will be lost from this approach, and much gained. As an additonal bonus, I will be posting a "pending articles" segment as well, to answer queries about what is "in the works".

I have enjoyed and valued greatly the feedback received to date, and look forward to achieving a more timely and productive output. Let me know if you have any suggestions or comments about this new approach. For now, the carriers JUNYO will be posted by Wednesday (27th), with the RYUJO to follow within a week.

Thank you all for your patronage and patience,
Anthony "Tony" Tully

I may be contacted at tullyfleet -

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