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Comments? We'd love to hear them. Inaccuracies? Hey, it's inevitable that we made some mistakes. Let us know about them, but do it nicely. You can contact us at the following addresses:

Jon Parshall (Managing Editor and General Instigator)

Note: I try and answer all my e-mail concerning this page, eventually. I get more e-mail than I can handle. I have two little kids, three book projects, and an undersea expedition undersea expedition all going on. As of March, 2000, my email backlog stretches back to December, 1998. That's right, 15 months, although I am beginning to make serious inroads into it now. I do answer much of my email faster than that, but it's pretty much hit or miss, day by day. Here are the rules:

I try and give priority to students.
If you're writing for permission to link to my page, just go ahead and do it.
Don't ask me about modeling stuff; I'm not a modeler, and as a result I don't know things like what color the hatch to the officer's head was painted on Yamato between August 8 and August 15, 1944. I just don't know. For those questions, please surf to My friend David Pluth runs this site, and even though it is primarily concerned with aircraft, they have a great IJN ship message board there. Go ask the other modelers there your question.
Don't ask me about U.S. ships. I don't do that stuff and there are zillions of other people who do.
Don't ask me to send you my entire Web site, zipped.

That's not to say "don't write me" about stuff, but just be aware of the situation and the boundaries on my time. Thanks a lot.

IF YOU WANT TO LINK TO THIS SITE: Go right ahead. We're always happy for a link. If you want a reciprocal link, talk to my Assistant Webmaster, the redoubtable Quinn Bracken. Quinn lives to update the Links page. He truly does. :-)

My Other Worthy Cohorts:

Allyn Nevitt (Long Lancers)

Anthony ("Tony") Tully (Co-author of our book "Shattered Sword: The Untold Story of Midway", author of Untold Tales of the Imperial Japanese Navy & Kido Butai CV TROMS)
tullyfleet -

Bob Hackett (BB, CA, CL, SS and Aux. TROMs)

Craig Burke (a.k.a. Admiral U. Furashita)

Joao Paulo Julião Matsuura (Imperial Japanese Naval Aviation)

Special Thanks:

My special thanks also go out to Brooks Rowlett, Jim O'Neil, Bill Lise, Nathan Okun, Bill Jurens, and Chris Carlson, all of whom have contributed their knowledge and insight to this page.