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"ShipCraft #9: Kongo Class Battle Cruisers"

by Steve Wiper

Softcover, 64 pages
Published in Great Britain by Seaforth Publishing
Published in the USA by Classic Warship Publishing
ISBN: 1-978-84832-004-8

For us ship model builders, we have come to rely on various standard published works that provide us with highly detailed photographs and illustrations to help guide us through our projects. Joining the list of “must haves” of publications for guidance in model shipbuilding is the “Shipcraft” series of books that have recently come to market thanks to the combined efforts of Seaforth Publishing and Classic Warships Publishing.

Much of what lies within the pages of these publications has been seen in prior releases. However, what sets these apart from the works we are already familiar with is the wealth of information geared towards serious model building. For those gearing up to scratch the itch of wanting to build one or more of the four classes of the most active of the IJN BB’s, consider this the “One-stop shopping” for model research and guidance. What we get on the broad pages of this material is not only the obligatory photos and excellent bonus illustrations of the various Kongo class Battleships/Battlecruisers (depending on what era we are talking about), but we also get some helpful reviews and descriptions of the various model scales available on the market today. Depending on the scale and producer of the kit you do decide to choose, there is also an excellent section within the book that spells out the multitude of available aftermarket Model detail accessories that can greatly enhance your kit of choice. And any serious modeler reference wouldn’t be complete without a generous helping of professional photographs of completed models of the Kongo and her sisters. All scales of the class are represented here; from the very tiny 1/2400th scale of ship that is used primarily in war-gaming, to the behemoth 1/48th official Vickers builders model still on display at the Dock Museum in Barrow in Furness in the UK.

We have come to rely on Classic Warship Publishing to supply only the best in reference material and they have shown once again that they are up to challenge of delivering to the Naval History crowd they eye candy they expect.

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