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Some Announcements and Q&A

July 01, 2001

This page is to announce some current plans and answer some recent inquiries we have been receiving. First off, all should know that Tony Tully and Jon Parshall will be on vacation the first half of July. While we will be monitoring e-mail, there will be little work on the web site. The files will be re-arranged and more efficiently indexed. The last half of the month will see an extensive updating and organizing, including major revisions and updates to the Kido Butai carrier troms, the Senkan Battleship troms, and the IJN Mysteries page. There should also be a FAQ page created on the Tony Tully discussion board.

We thank everyone heartily for their patronage and for various information and even pictures submitted to us. We look forward to posting these in an orderly and useful fashion in the redesign to meet some requests. For those that have e-mailed recently, I apologize that indexing and overhauls have made response unusually tardy. I have archived all messages of the past two months, and you will receive a reply before month's end. Thanks for your patience. Related to this, recently, there have have been several inquries on whether or not Combined Fleet plans some TROMs for Japanese cruisers. At the present, such a project has been in abeyance for three reasons:

(1) First and foremost, the publication of Lacroix and Well's truly monumental "Japanese Cruisers of the Pacific War" has largely made such an endeavor redundant until enough new and updated data can be gathered. The reason for this is that their book includes complete and highly detailed troms and operational history of both Japanese heavy and light cruisers. If by chance you are unfamiliar with this brilliant work, further details can be found here:
Lacroix & Well's "Japanese Cruisers of the Pacific War"

(2) Lack of time and pressure of other committments. I myself are extensively involved in research both for the Midway project and the Surigao Strait projects, and Jon is hip-deep in the Midway book writing and networking.

(3) Jon is wanting to make a major face-lift and re-design of the base site, and the database being worked on is part of this plan. He is looking for someone with the right skills and time to actually take-over and spearhead this re-design, as we are all swamped with consulting and research projects. Check out Jon's post here on j-aircraft for some information about this: Jon Parshall request

4) At this time I have heard from a gentlemen interested in tackling the cruiser trom question. When we talk further, I should have a better projection on a possible launch date. As a preliminary, as part of experimental data for the planned reference database, I did prepare a trom for heavy cruiser MIKUMA, and any interested can see it here.


Sincere Thanks to All, and Happy 4th!
Tony Tully

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