Allan Parry's Model Ships

1. Oblique view of Chiyoda.
2. Overhead view view of Chiyoda's superstructure.
3. Starboard quarter view of Chiyoda
4. Aerial port view of Junyo's entirety.
5. Port view of Junyo's bridge and flight deck.
6. Port view of Taiyo's entirety.
7. Aerial Port view of Zuiho's entirety
8. Port bow view of Kaiyo's entirety
9. Port view of Akagi's entirety
10. Starboard stern view of Akagi
11. Port quarter view of Akagi's entirety
12. Starboard Amidships view of Akagi
13. Port view of Taiyo's entirety in her 1944 Camo scheme
14. Overhead view of Taiyo's entirety
15. Stern view of Shokaku
16. Starboard aerial view of Shokaku's entirety
17. Port amidships view of Shokaku's Flight Deck with Loaded Kates
18. Starboard view showing Shokaku's Bridge structure
19. Starboard Bow view of Kaga' entirety
20. Port Stern view of Kaga's entirety