ZUISHO MARU Class - Auxiliary netlayer

(ZUISHO MARU drawing – Peter Cundall collection)

This class consists of ZUISHO MARU only, completed in Aug ‘40 for Kawabata Zenkichi and sold in ’44 to Nihon Kinkai Kisen K.K. She was requisitioned in Aug ‘41 by the IJN and converted in Jan ’42 to an auxiliary anti-submarine netlayer. In Dec ’42, she was removed from the Navy’s list and released to her owners. She was sunk in Feb ’45 probably by air attack off Hong Kong SE Island.

Builder and Year Completed: Osaka. Osaka Zosensho K.K. shipyard
Gross tonnage: 534-tons
Dimensions: 155.8’(lpp) x 28,2' x 14.1'
Propulsion: Two diesel engines, two shafts, 450 shp.
Speed: Unknown
Armament: Standard military equipment:
One 8cm/25cal deck gun, one 60cm searchlight, One DC rack, Two Type 1 DC throwers, 8DCs and two Type 96 anti-submarine nets.
From May ’42: One 8cm/40cal deck gun