YAYOI MARU - Class Auxiliary Transport

(KISARAGI MARU sistership of YAYOI MARU as seen at Rabaul in Sep 45)

This class consists of YAYOI, KISARAGI, KAISHUN and YOSHUN MARUs, all completed in 35 for Kinkai Kaisoku Kisen K.K. YAYOI and KISARAGI MARUs were requisitioned by the IJN, the former was converted in Apr 44 to an auxiliary transport, the latter served as a general requisitioned transport. KAISHUN and YOSHUN MARUs were requisitioned by the IJA as Army transports No. 1045 and No. 215. All but YOSHUN MARU were either mined or bombed by USN Aircraft and sunk between Aug and Oct 44. YOSHUN MARU survived the war and was deleted in 1979.

Builder and Year Completed: Innoshima. Osaka Iron Works K.K.
Gross tonnage: 495-tons.
Dimensions: 165.0' (Lpp) x 27.2' x 13.8'
Propulsion: one diesel engine, one shaft, 350 shp.
Speed: Unknown.
Armament: Unknown