(Standard 2AT Tanker KENJO MARU by Ueda Kihachiro)

Tabular Record of Movement

© 2011 Bob Hackett

3 July 1944:
Aioi. Laid down at the Harima Zosensho K.K. shipyard for Yamashita Kisen K.K., Kobe.

22 August 1944:
Launched and named YAMAZONO MARU.

28 September 1944:
Completed as a 6,949-ton Type 2AT tanker.

15 February 1945:
Converted for dry cargo service.

1 June 1945:
Osaka Bay. 458 B-29 “Super Fortress” heavy bombers of the USAAF 20th Air Force fire bomb the port city. The B-29s drop thousands of incediary bombs that burn out large parts of the city and harbor facilities. YAMAZONO MARU, under charter to the Imperial Army, is damaged and beached.

15 August 1945:
Hostilities cease.

November 1947:.
Repaired and successfully refloated.

June 1948:
Completes reconstruction by the Hitachi Zosen Co., Ltd.

15 May 1951:
Kure. Undergoes remodelling at the Harima shipyard. Refittted with a steam turbine amidships.

4 October 1956:
Sold to Nakamura Kisen K. K., Kobe. Renamed ASAHIKO MARU.

16 November 1959:
Jose Panganiban, Philippines. ASAHIKO MARU runs aground.

22 November 1959:
Refloated successfully.

30 June 1960:
Sold to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., for scrapping.

-Bob Hackett

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