Yamashio Maru-class Escort Carrier


YAMASHIO MARU was laid down and launched as a Type 2TL Standard Merchant tanker, but was completed as an ASW escort carrier for the IJA. She never became operational and was bombed and sunk at Yokohama harbor in February 1945.

Sister Type 2TLs CHIGUSA MARU and ZUIUN MARU were never completed and served after the war as tankers

Builder and
Year Completed:
Kawasaki, Kobe.
Gross tonnage: 15,864-tons.
Dimensions: 516 '9" x 67' 2' x 29' 6"'
Propulsion: 1-shaft geared turbine, 2 boilers, 4500shp, 15 knots.
Armament: 16 Type 96 25-mm AA; 1 ASW mortar/120 Depth charges, 8 Kokusai Ki-76 aircraft