AIZAN MARU-Class Transport

(AIZAN MARU, postwar)

AIZAN MARU was completed in July 1944 as a Wartime Standard Cargo Type 2D for Miyachi Kisen K.K of Kobe,
and requisitioned by the Imperial Army in October 1944. AIZAN MARU hit a mine laid by USAAF B-29s and sank
in Hakata Bay, Nagasaki. Postwar, she was salved and repaired and placed into Allied service.

Builder and
Year Completed:
Kasado Senkyo K.K., Kasadoshima

Gross tonnage: 2,221-tons.
Dimensions: 295' x 40' x ?'
Propulsion: Reciprocating triple expansion steam engine. 273 i.h.p., 1 shaft.
Speed: 10.5-13 knots
Armament: Unknown.