W-13 Class Minesweepers
(W-13 scanned from Maru Special, V. 50)

The W-13 class of six units suffered from a top-heavy design. After torpedo boat TOMOZURU capsized in a storm in 1934, the IJN took a number of similar vessels in hand, including the W-13s, to add more ballast to improve their sea-worthiness. In 1944, their minesweeping gear was removed and they were rearmed with five Type 96 25-mm AA guns and 36 DCs.

Builders and
Years Completed:
Mitsui and Hitachi
Displacement: 702-tons standard.
Dimensions: 242' x 26.11' x 6.9'
Propulsion: 2 sets VTE, 2 Kampon boilers, 2-shafts, 3200 i.h.p, speed 20 knots
Armament: 2 x 4.7-inch (120-mm)/45 cal HA, 2-13.2-mm MG, 2 depth charges