W-101 Class Minesweepers
British BANGOR-class minesweeper

The two units of the W-101 class of IJN minesweepers were ex-British BANGOR-class minesweepers captured by the Japanese in Hong Kong in December 1941 while still building on the stocks. The Japanese altered the ship's design substantially, but their shallow drafts and short, stubby hulls made them poor sea-boats. They were finally completed and commissioned in the IJN in 1944.

Builders and
Year Completed:
Taikoo, Hong Komg
Displacement: 580-tons standard.
Dimensions: 180' x 28.6' x 8.4'
Propulsion: 2 sets VTE, 2 boilers, 2-shafts, 2200 i.h.p, speed 15.75 knots
Armament: 1 x 4.7-inch (120-mm)/45 cal LA, 8-Type 96 25-mm AA guns and 36 DCs.