Ussuri Maru-Class Auxiliary Transport

(USSURI MARU, prewar)

2013 Bob Hackett

USSURI MARU was completed as a passenger-cargo ship in 1932. She was requisitioned in 1943 by the IJA and converted to a transport. USSURI MARU was bombed and sunk by an American aircraft in 1944 SW of the Pescadore Islands.

Builder and
Year Completed:
Mitsubishi, Nagasaki
Gross tonnage: 6,386-tons.
Dimensions: 424' (LOA)' x 55' x 33'
Propulsion: 2 steam turbine engines, 6,500 S.H. P, 2 shaft
Speed: 14 knots cruising, 18.1 knots maximum.
Armament: Unknown