UNYO MARU No. 2 Class Auxiliary Transport

(UNYO MARU No. 2 prewar)

This class only consists of UNYO MARU No. 2, completed in Aug 37 for Nakamura Kisen K.K. She was requisitioned by the IJN in Nov 41 and converted to an auxiliary transport. She was bombed and sunk at Kuching, Borneo by a Dutch bomber during the invasion of Sarawak in Dec 41.

Builder and Year Completed: Tama. Mitsui Bussan K.K. Zosensho shipyard 1937
Gross tonnage: 2,827-tons
Dimensions: 310.0' x 44.9' x 23.6'
Propulsion: 1 triple expansion steam engine, 1 shaft, 1,900 bhp .
Speed: 11 cruising, 13 max.
Armament: Unknown.