UNKAI MARU No. 6 Class Transport

(VENUS, later UNKAI MARU No. 6, prewar)

VENUS was built by William Gray & Co., Ltd. of West Hartlepool (Sunderland), England for Venus Steamship Co. of Newcastle. In 1921 VENUS was sold to Nakamura Seishichiro of Kinoye, Japan and renamed UNKAI MARU No.6. She was sunk in '44 by USN aircraft at Truk Lagoon.

Builder and
Year Completed:
William Gray & Co., Ltd., West Hartlepool.
Gross tonnage: 3,152-tons.
Dimensions: 331' x 49.2' x 21.4'
Propulsion: Steam triple expansion engine, 1 screw
Speed: 9 knots.
Armament: Unknown