UNKAI MARU No 10-Class Auxiliary Transport

(KOSEI MARU similar to UNKAI MARU No. 10, prewar – Peter Cundall’s collection)

This class consists of UNKAI MARU No. 10 only, completed in May ‘39 for Namura Kisen K.K. She was requisitioned by the IJN that same year and converted to an auxiliary gunboat before being converted to an auxiliary transport in Jun ’43. She was torpedoed and sunk by a US submarine in Jul ’44.

Builder and Year Completed: Osaka. Mihara Zosen Tekkosho K.K. shipyard
Gross tonnage: 851-tons.
Dimensions: 199.8' (Lpp) x 29.9' x 18.7'
Propulsion: One Triple Expansion Steam Engine, one shaft, 560 bhp
Speed: Unknown.
Armament: As gunboat: 2 8cm/40cal deck guns, 2 7.7mm MGs, 1 Type 11 Nambu 6.5mm light MG, 1 75cm searchlight, Arisaka Type 38 rifles, pistols, 2 Type 95 DCs racks, 2 DC throwers, 1 paravane,.
As transport: 1 8cm/40cal deck gun, 2 7.7mm MGs,1 75cm searchlight 5 Arisaka Type 38 rifles, 4 Type 95 DCs, 2 DC racks, 1 paravane.