Ukuru Class Escort Vessels

(Ukuru Class Escort in 1944 - colorized by Irootoko, Jr)

By 1943, losses of merchant shipping caused the IJN to somewhat reorder its ship building priorities. The 31 units of the Ukuru Class were designed around an improved Mikura Class hull. The first unit was laid down in January 1944. The hull was manufactured in pre-fabricated sections to reduce construction time.

Builders and
Years Completed:
Displacement: 940-tons standard.
Dimensions: 236.2' x 29.7' x 10'
Propulsion: 2-shaft geared diesel engines, 4200 b.h.p, speed 19.5 knots
Armament: 3 x 4.7-inch 120-mm)/45 cal HA, 6 Type 96 25-mm AA (2x2), 120 depth charges. During the war, the class was rearmed with 16 to 20 Type 96 25-mm guns. In 1944, a Type 22 radar and a Type 93 sonar were fitted as was an 8-cm mortar.