UKISHIMA MARU - Class Auxiliary Gunboat

(Ukishima Maru by Ueda Kihachiro)

In September 1941, passenger-cargo ship UKISIMA MARU (originally named UKISHIMA MARU) was requisitioned from the OSK Line by the IJN and converted to an armed merchant cruiser. Her sister ship was NAMINOUE MARU. In April 1943 she was rerated an auxiliary gunboat. In February 1945, UKISIMA MARU was rerated an auxiliary transport. In late August 1945, in the immediate aftermath of the war, she was proceeding to Pusan, Korea loaded with Korean evacuees, but struck a mine and sank in Maizuru Bay.

Builder and Year Completed: Osaka. Mitsui Bussan K. K., Tamano
Gross tonnage: 4730 tons
Dimensions: 352'3" x 51' x 22'7"
Propulsion: Diesel engine, 1 shaft, 16.5 knots max. speed.
Speed: Cruising: 16.5 knots
Armament: 6 x 120mm (4.7-inch)/45 cal LA, 1 x-7.7mm MG, mines.