USSB 1023 design “Sub boats” Class Auxiliary Gunboats

(VALLES, earlier RAMON MARU, postwar – Berend van der Wal Collection)

TThis class consists of 150 ships. 118 were completed for the United States Shipping Board Emergency Fleet Corporation between 30 May ‘18 and 27 Mar ‘20 launch dates and a further 32 were built to private account by Submarine Boat Corporation, the builder at Newark Bay starting 30 Mar ’20 ~ 11 Apr ’21. These privately built ships included SURICO, later RAMONA. Captured at Shanghai in Dec ’41 and renamed RAMON MARU, she was registered in the IJN and converted to an auxiliary gunboat in Jan ’42, released to civilian owners in Apr ’42 and renamed HITORA MARU, she was temporarily chartered by the IJA between May and Jul ’42 and then requisitioned again by the IJN. She survived the war, resumes commercial service and was ultimately broken up in 1967.

Builder and Year Completed: Newark Bay. Submarine Boat Corporation
Gross tonnage: 3,545-tons
Dimensions: 335.6' (Loa) x 45.9' x 24,9'
Propulsion: One Curtis geared steam turbine, 1 shaft, 386 NHP.
Speed: 10.5 knots cruising, unknown max.
Armament: - One 8cm/25 deck gun, Two single Type 96 25mm guns, 2 DCs.