Type D (Class II)(even-numbered) Escort Vessels

(Type D (Class II)(even-numbered)Escort )

Japanese production of diesel engines could not keep up with war-time demand. The Type D was designed as a Type C Class, but powered by a turbine engine. The turbines gave the Type D an extra knot of speed, but at the expense of higher fuel consumption and decreased unrefueled range. The exhausts were trunked into a tall funnel placed further forward than the funnel of the Type C Class. 143 units were ordered and the first unit was laid down in October 1943. Construction of Type D escorts continued until the end of the war. Beginning in January 1945, as a result of the national oil shortage, the design was modified so that the units of the Type D Class could be converted to burn coal.

Builders and
Years Completed:
Displacement: 740-tons standard.
Dimensions: 213.25' x 28.25' x 11.75'
Propulsion: 1-shaft geared turbine engine, 2500 b.h.p, speed 17.5 knots
Armament: 2 x 4.7-inch 120-mm)/45 cal HA, 6 Type 96 25-mm AA (2x2), an 3-inch (80-mm) trench mortar, 120 depth charges and 12 DC throwers. During the war, the class was fitted with additional Type 96 25-mm AA guns bringing their total to 12. A number of vessels were also fitted with 4 single-mount 25-mm AA guns.