TOYOSAKA MARU Class Auxiliary Transport

(NISSHO MARU No. 18, sistership of TOYOSAKA MARU)

This class consists of TOYOSAKA MARU, SHINYO MARU No. 8 and NISSHO MARU No. 18 all completed between Jun 40 and Sep 42 for various shipping companies as cargo ships. All three were requisitioned the IJN and converted to auxiliary transports. TOYOSAKA MARU was bombed by and sunk USN aircraft in Mar 45; SHINYO MARU No. 8 was torpedoed and sunk by a USN submarine in Oct 44 and NISSHO MARU No. 18 was disabled by a mine in May 45. She was refloated after the war and broken up in 69.

Builder and Years Completed: Onomichi. Mukaishima Dock K.K. shipyard
Between 1940 and 1942
Gross tonnage: 1,959-tons to 1,998-tons
Dimensions: 278.9' LPP x 39.4' x 21.0'
Propulsion: One triple expansion reciprocated steam engine, 1 shaft, 1,300 s.h.p.
Speed: E 10 knots
Armament and equipment: One 7.7 MG and five Type 38 Arisaka rifles.