TOSHO MARU-Class Auxiliary Transport

(DAIGEN MARU No. 7 prewar)

This class consists of TOSHO MARU and DAIGEN MARU No. 7, respectively completed between in Apr and Nov 37 for different shipping companies. Both were requisitioned by the IJN in 38 and converted to auxiliary gunboats that same year before being converted to auxiliary transports respectively in Jun 43 and Apr 44. TOSHO MARU was bombed and sunk by USN land-based aircraft in Sep 44 and DAIGEN MARU No. 7 torpedoed and sunk by an American submarine in Jun 44.

Builder and Year Completed: Osaka. Namura Zosensho K.K. shipyard
Gross tonnage: 1,289-tons
Dimensions: 219.2' (Lpp) x 35.8' x 18.3'
Propulsion: One Triple Expansion Steam Engine, one shaft, 500 bhp
Speed: Cruising: 12 knots. Max: Unknown.
Armament: As gunboat: 2 8cm/40cal deck guns, 2 7.7mm MGs, 1 75cm searchlight, Arisaka Type 38 rifles, pistols, 2 Type 95 DCs racks, 1 DC thrower, 1 paravane, minesweeping equipment, 1 rangefinder.
As transport: 2 8cm/40cal deck guns, 1 single (or twin) Type 93 13mm MG, 1 searchlight , Arisaka Type 38 rifles, 2 Type 95 DCs racks, 1 paravane, 1 rangefinder.