TOKUMU KANSEN! - The IJN's Smaller Combatants

This page covers operational histories of smaller regular Japanese Navy combatants such as second-class destroyers, minelayers, minesweepers, subchasers, escorts, gunboats, patrol boats and salvage and repair tugs. The group also includes auxiliary combatants.

Kuchikukan! - Second-Class Destroyers

Suijoki-Bokan! - Auxiliary Seaplane Tenders

Tokusetsu Junyokan! - Auxiliary Cruisers

Sensui-Bokan! - Auxiliary Submarine Tenders

Kusentei! - Submarine Chasers

Fusetsukan! - Minelayers

Densenfusetsukan! - Defensive Cable-Minelayers

Sokaitei! - Minesweepers

Kaibokan! - Escorts

Shokaitei! - Patrol Boats

Hokan! - Gun Boats

Shinyo! - Explosive Motor Boats

Dai 1 Go-Gata Yusokan - IJN No. 1 Class Fast Transports

Tokusetsu-Yusokan - IJN No. 101 Class Landing Ship Tank

Tokusetsu-Yusokan - IJN No. 103 Class Landing Ship Tank

Yusosen! - Fleet Oilers

Bibliography of Sources