TOKACHI MARU - Class Auxiliary collier

(TOKACHI MARU, prewar)

This class consists of TOKACHI MARU only, completed in 1939 for Hokkaido Tanko Kisen K.K. She was requisitioned in Sep ‘41 by the IJN and registered that same month as an auxiliary collier. In Jan ’43, she struck a Japanese mine and sank W of Surabaya, Java.

Builder and Year Completed: Tsurumi. Tsurumi Seitetsu Zosen K.K. shipyard.
Gross tonnage: 1,932-tons
Dimensions: 278.2’(lpp) x 40.0' x 21.3'
Propulsion: One triple expansion steam engine, one shaft, 1,600 shp.
Speed: Cruising: 11.5 knots – Max: 14 knots.
Armament: One Type 1 8cm/40cal deck gun, one Type 92 7.7mm Mod A MG and five type 38 ‘Arisaka’ rifles.
KAMOI MARU: Unknown.