TENZAN MARU Class Auxiliary Transport

TENZAN MARU, prewar)

This class consists of TENZAN, SENZAN, KONZAN and RONSAN MARUs all completed between May and Sep 29 for Dairen Kisen K.K. All were requisitioned by the IJN, TENZAN and SENZAN MARUs converted to auxiliary transports and KONZAN and RONZAN MARUs to emergency tankers. All were bombed or torpedoed and sunk between Jul 42 and Jul 44.

Builder and Years Completed: Tama. Mitsui Bussan Zosenbu K.K. shipyard
Gross tonnage: 2,735 to 2,775-tons
Dimensions: 326.4' (Lpp) x 46.6' x 21.7'
Propulsion: One diesel engine, 1 shaft, 930 s.h.p.
Speed: 10 cruising, 12 max.
Armament: Unknown.