Takao Maru Class

(TAKAO MARU, prewar)

In 1927, TAKAO was completed as a passenger/cargo ship by Uraga Dock Company, Uraga.. In '41, TAKAO MARU was bombed and strafed by the U. S. Army's Far East Air Force. TAKAO MARU had to be beached off Pandan, near Vigan, Philippines. In '42, she was destroyed by Filipino guerrillas.

Builder: Uraga Dock Company, Uraga
Year Completed: 1927
Displacement: 4,282-tons
Dimensions: Lpp 355' x 48'6" x 32'6"
Propulsion: 1 Mitsubishi turbine engine, 3,915 SHP, single shaft, 16.3 knots.