IJN T.103 Class Landing Ship Tank

(T.101 Class Landing Ship Tank by T. Yuki)

IJN LST T.161:
Tabular Record of Movement

2018 Bob Hackett & Sander Kingsepp

5 February 1944.
Numbered T.161. Provisionally attached to Kure Naval District.

9 July 1944:
Mukojima. Laid down at Hitachi K.K. shipyard as Hull No. 1561, a 950-ton T.103-class landing ship tank.

22 August 1944:

5 September 1944:
Reattached to Yokosuka Naval District. Rerated a 2nd Class Yusokan.

15 September 1944:
Reserve Lt Kitagawa Kiyoshi is appointed the Chief Equipping Officer (CEO).

14 October 1944:
T.161 is completed, commissioned in the IJN and assigned to 1st Transport Squadron. Attached to Kure Naval District. Lt Kitagawa Kiyoshi is the CO.

15 October 1944:
Departs Mukojima for Kure, arrives later that day.

17 October 1944:
Reassigned to Southwestern Area Fleet.

25 October 1944:
Departs Kure for Sasebo.

26 October 1944:
Makes an overnight stop at Imari Bay.

27 October 1944:
Arrives at Sasebo.

3 November 1944:
Receives the order to proceed to Kirun (Keelung), Taiwan.

12-13 November 1944:
At Sasebo. Embarks a self-propelled gun battalion and stores.

14 November 1944:
Departs Sasebo for Keelung-Takao (Kaohsiung).

16 November 1944:
Arrives at Keelung, where a part of the cargo is unloaded, then departs for Takao.

18 November 1944:
Arrives at Takao, where the rest of the cargo is unloaded.

22 November 1944:
Departs Takao for Lapog Bay, Luzon, Philippines.

23 November 1944:
Arrives at Lapog Bay.

24 November 1944:
Departs for Santa Cruz Bay, arrives later that day. After 2130, a boat from T.161 patrols the mouth of the bay.

25 November 1944:
Rear Admiral (later Vice Admiral) Frederick C. Sherman's TG 38.3 USS TICONDROGA (CV-14) and LANGLEY (CVL-27) conduct a strike against the IJN shipping west of Luzon. At 0810, an air raid warning is given and T.161 heads out to sea. At 0855 a large formation of enemy aircraft is sighted. At 0915, T.161 is strafed and receives numerous near misses. Five minutes later she receives a direct hit starboard amindships, causing a violent explosion. T.161 sinks at 14-50N, 119-45E.

10 January 1945:
Removed from the Navy List.

-Bob Hackett and Sander Kingsepp

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