IJN T.101 Class Landing Ship Tank

(T.101 Class Landing Ship Tank by Takeshi Yuki)

IJN LST T.138:
Tabular Record of Movement

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5 February 1944.
Numbered T.138.

5 February 1944:
Urasaki Zosensho. Laid down Kawanami Kogyo, K. K. as Hull No. 17, a 950-ton T. 103-class landing ship tank.

18 June 1944:
Numbered T.138.

3 August 1944:

4 September 1944:
Completed. Navy Lt Fukase Hiroshi is appointed Commanding Officer.

5 September 1944:
Rerated a 2nd Class Yusokan.

25 October 1944:
Departs Yokosuka for Iwo Jima.

27 October 1944:
30 miles NNW of Iwo Jima. At about 1537, LtCdr Talbot E. Harper's (USNA '37) USS KINGFISH (SS-234) identifies three targets as a small freighter escorted by a new minelayer and a subchaser CH-47. All are zig-zagging and making about six knots. Both escortsí sonars are pinging.

At 1625, KINGFISH fires three torpedoes, but hears no hits. Between 1630 ~ 1643, the Japanese drop 12 DCs on KINGFISH without effect. At 1945, Harper surfaces and clears the area believing he missed the target, but T.138 was hit and sinks at 25-22N, 141-31E.

CH-47 rescues an unknown numer of survivors. Casualties are unknown.

10 December 1944:
Removed from the Navy List.

-Bob Hackett

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