Dai 1 Go-gata Yusokan

IJN No. 1 Class Fast Transport

(No. 1 Class Fast Transport T.5 by T. Yuki)

IJN Transport T.12:
Tabular Record of Movement

2014 Bob Hackett

18 July 1944:
Kure Naval Arsenal. Laid down as Ship No. 2912, a 1,500-ton No. 1 class landing ship.

25 August 1944:
Launched and numbered T.12

11 November 1944:

11 November 1944:
Completed. LtCdr Imoto Takeo is the Commanding Officer.

23 November 1944:
T.12 departs Kure for Manila, Philippines.

12 December 1944.
T.12 departs Takao for Manila with LSTs T.104 and T.106. [1]

200 miles SE of Takao, Formosa. At 2135, Cdr (later Admiral/CINCPACFLT) Bernard A. Clarey's (USNA '34) USS PINTADO (SS-387) makes SJ radar contact on three ships at 7,800 yards. At 2137, Clarey begins tracking. At 2258, the targets are observed as three ships traveling close together making nine knots. At 2316, they increase speed to 14 knots. At 2353, the targets are observed at 2700 yards to be two large and one medium size ships. At 2355, PINTADO fires six bow torpedoes at the targets. At 2358, three explosions are heard; one torpedo hits the lead ship and two torpedoes hit the second ship. [1]

13 December 1944:
At 0003, PINTADO fires four stern torpedoes at the targets, but seems to get no hits; however, at 0008 three explosions are heard and one of the first two ships disappears from radar. T-12 sinks at 20-34N, 118-45E.

10 February 1945:
Removed from the Navy List.

Author's Note:
[1] LST T. 104 was also sunk by PINTADO on 12 Dec 44. LST T.106 probably also was damaged by PINTADO; she was sunk on 15 Dec 44 in an air attack near Luzon at 15-54N, 119-50E.

-Bob Hackett

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