Sydney Maru Class Transport

(Sydney Maru, prewar)

This class consisted of SYDNEY, MELBOURNE and BRISBANE MARUS. All were completed as passenger-cargo ships for the Osaka Shoscn Kaisha (OSK) Line in 1929 and 1930.

SYDNEY MARU was sunk by an American submarine in Nov '43 while BRISBANE and MELBOURNE MARUS were sunk by American aircraft in Nov '42 and Soviet aircraft in Aug '45 respectively.

Builder and
Year Completed:
Yokohama Dock Co., Ltd, Yokohama.
Gross tonnage: 5,425~5,436-tons
Dimensions: 380 x 53 x 34
Propulsion: Burmeistcr and Wain, Ltd., diesel engines, 3,514 BHP
Speed: 11.92 ~ 16.13 knots
Armament: Unknown Unknown