Stories and Battle Histories of the IJN's Destroyer Tenders

22 August 2018

By Bob Hackett, Sander Kingsepp and Peter Cundall

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(Passenger-cargo ship by Takeshi Yuki scanned from "Color Paintings of Japanese Warships")

Suirai-bokan were used as mother ships for destroyers and torpedo boats. Pre-war, the IJN requisitioned four passenger /cargo ships and converted them to destroyer and motor torpedo boat tenders. All were lost during the war.

Japanese Destroyer Tenders: Tabular Records of Movement (TROMs)

(Classes link to specifications summaries)

Shuri Maru Class

Shuri Maru(Revised 12/3/2009)

Kamikaze Maru Class

Kamikaze Maru(Revised 3/23/2018)

Shinsho Maru Class

Shinsho Maru(Revised 11/20/2016)

Nipponkai Maru Class

Nipponkai Maru(Revised 8/22/2018)

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About the Authors

Mr. Robert Hackett is a military historian and researcher. Retired from the United States Air Force and later from the aerospace industry, he resides in the United States.

Mr. Peter Cundall is a maritime historian and researcher who specializes in merchant ships. He resides in Australia.

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