'Strange but True Stories'
Translated by Erich Muehlthaler with Bob Hackett

© 2014 Erich Muehlthaler and Bob Hackett
1 May 2014

We are pleased to announce the opening of a new series of "Strange but True Stories" about the Japanese Warships and Marus translated by researcher Erich Muehlthaler of Germany and wordsmithed by Bob Hackett. This will be the first time these stories have been translated from the Japanese and published in the West.

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“Death in a Remote Place" (Posted 4/1/2014)

"The Exceptional Maiden Voyage of Imperial Japanese Army
Transport Submarine YU 3001"
(Posted 2/1/2014)

"Doolittle's After-Effects" (Posted 1/1/2014)

"Poor Devil!" (Posted 1/1/2014)

About the Authors

Erich Muehlthaler is a naval historian/researcher. He assisted Cdr John D. Alden, USN-Ret and Craig R. McDonald in research for their superlative "United States and Allied Submarine Successes in the Pacific and Far East During World War II", 4th Ed. He is an electrical engineer with a large chemical company. He resides in Bavaria, Germany.

Bob Hackett is a military historian and researcher. Retired from the United States Air Force and later from the aerospace industry, he resides in the United States.